DIY Light Box

So I don’t know about you but I struggle with taking a good picture of my layouts. Getting the right lighting, the right angle, the entire page in perfect focus. I honestly dread time for pictures.

My husband came home the other day with this brilliant idea for a DIY light box. I’ve seen it done on some Pinterest posts before. And it’s so easy!

First I started with a box that I had lying around in the garage. I cut the flaps off. Then cut square holes into 3 of the sides. 1 side and the bottom remain intact.


Once you do that, you need some kind of white material that is semi transparent. I’ve seen some use tissue paper. I had a banquet roll of plastic white tablecloth so that’s what I used. You have to tape it over the 3 holes you cut.


After that you’re almost done!

Now you need that big white poster board type paper you can buy at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Tree. Ya know the kind kids do school projects on. Not the cardboard stuff. The big heavy-duty piece of paper.

Cut that to the width of your box and tape it inside so it lays inside and runs out with a very subtle crease (In case you want to take pictures of other things beside your layouts. You don’t want to see the crease in the picture).



You can either just rest the layout against the back of the box. It stays pretty good. Or do what I did and use a small piece of tape from a tape runner and put it on the top back corners just to keep it secure.

Once you do that and you’re ready to take a picture you have 2 options. For an inside picture, you would need 2 portable bright lights/lamps you can place on either side to give you lots of light. Or take it outside and place it on its back (layout laying on the ground) in the direct sun. The box will diffuse the light for your picture.

It’s that easy! Make sure your camera is taking the picture with a high aperture for an incredible in focus picture.

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